Hanging By A Wing And A Prayer

Have you ever had a week where you just sit back and wonder why at the end of the week? I am having one of those weeks!

I have been on a number of interviews to find work this week. On top of  that I have been very busy with school activities for my girls this week.

The idea of going back to work is exciting yet scary at the same time for me. I would love to be able to provide some much needed money to our household, but the downside to getting a job is that I won’t be there for my kids in the afternoon or to attend school activities during the day.

This morning I went to church with my youngest daughter’s school. I got to see my daughter singing in the choir. She looked over at me and just beamed ear to ear when she saw that I was there.

I have decided that it is no longer up to me if I get a job or not. I have put it into the Big Man’s hands. It is totally up to him whether or not I find a full-time, part-time or no job.