It Seems Like Only Yesterday

Where does the time fly? My oldest daughter, who is 17, is going to prom with her Senior boyfriend tomorrow night. I truly can’t believe she has grown up so fast!

It seems like only yesterday that she was still dependant on me for almost everything in her life. You know the major things in life like feeding, clothing, cleaning up after her, ordering her boyfriend’s boutonniere. Oh, wait, that was just yesterday!!

On the way to school yesterday I asked my daughter what color boutonniere she got for her boyfriend. The response I got was “What the Hell is a boutonniere?” From her response I quickly assumed that she had not ordered one at all. I told her what a boutonniere was and I told her I would order one for her but I needed to know what color rose she wanted. So, stupid me, I asked her what color his cummerbund was. “His what?” I told her I would take care of picking a color for his rose.

He will be getting a white rose boutonniere.

I sure as hell hope she knows what a condom is!

Prom Time

My oldest daughter officially has a boyfriend. This would be the same boy who has the Trans-Am. He is a senior and she is a junior.

He has officially asked her to the Senior Prom!!!

Damn boy!

I hate to shop! I REALLY hate to shop with my oldest daughter!

I broke down and took her shopping today. I actually had fun shopping with her. I told her I would pay for half of the dress. She tried on about 10 different dresses and finally decided on the very last one. She put it on and said “This is the one! It makes me feel like a princess!”

She picked out a black dress that has a little grey and off white with it. It is very classy! Here is a picture I found of it:

It cost… are you sitting down? Remember this is a Prom dress…are you ready? The cost of the dress with tax was $27.10!!! Since she was such a great little bargain hunter I paid for the dress myself. I told her to take her money and get her hair done!

Prom is a month away and I am sure she will drive me nuts until then! Oh did I mention I told her to leave the tags on the dress until the day of the Prom? I told her “Just in case they break up before then!” She thought I was kidding!

Now all we have to do is find shoes. Oh Joy!