Video & Question Of The Week

Dudley’s Shake an Egg Commercial (1981)


Question of the week: Do you still color Easter Eggs?

Video & Question Of The Week

Alice in Wonderland

Question of the week: Would you go see a movie by yourself in the theater or would you just wait for it to come out on DVD?

Video & Question Of The Week

John Mayer

Perfectly Lonely

Question of the week: What’s in your CD player right now?

Question & Video Of The Week

Stevie Wonder

I Just Called To Say I Love You

Question of the week: Do you have any special Valentine’s Day plans?

Video & Question(s) Of The Week

Doritos® – Crash the Super Bowl 2010 Finalist –

House Rules


Questions of the week: Will you be watching the Super Bowl game? Which team are you pulling for? Do you watch the Super Bowl for the game itself, the commercials or the half time show?

Question & Video Of The Week

Pop Tarts Flavorhood

Question of the week: What flavor is your house? (What is your favorite pop tart flavor?)

Video And Question Of The Week

A Christmas Story

Chinese Restaurant Scene


Question of the week: What do you have for Christmas dinner?

Video And Question Of The Week

Feel Good Drinks

Question of the week: Is there a special drink or food item that you like that you can only get around Christmas time?

Video And Question Of The Week

Poor Pedro

From the movie Giant

(The audio is poor so you may need to turn up your speakers)


Question of the week: How many people will you be sharing Thanksgiving with? Will they be at your house or are you going to have Thanksgiving at someone elses house?


Question & Video Of The Week

Stephen Lynch


Question of the week: Do you check your kids halloween candy? How much candy do you swipe from them?


Question & Video Of The Week

Question of the week: Which show do you like better, The Addams Family or The Munsters?

The Addams Family

The Munsters

Question Of The Week

 Question of the week: What seems to be your busiest month?

For me October is always busy for some unknown reason! It seems like every weekend we have something going on! Trust me I am thankful for having all of these activities and I thank the big man upstairs daily, but I am actually looking forward to November!

Question Of The Week

Question of the week: Do you have any funny sayings that you use instead of swearing?

Last Friday I took my youngest daughter and her friend to the movies. My daughter’s friend banged her knee on the car door and this flew out of her mouth: Sugar Honey Iced Tea! After I found out that she was alright I asked her what she said. My daughter of course piped in and proudly said: Sugar Honey Iced Tea! and then she told me it stood for that word that rhymes with IT. Yep, these cute little Catholic school girls have their own little code for S-H-I-T… Sugar Honey Iced Tea!

Question Of The Week

Question of the week: Do you read the Obituaries?

The above cartoon is perfect for me! Ever since I can remember on Sundays I always read the paper. When I was a kid my mom did the same. I used to make fun of her because she always read the obituaries! Well now the tables have turned on me. Last Sunday I was reading the newspaper and my oldest daughter looked over my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry mom you’re not in there this week!” Yep, you guessed it I was reading the obituaries! I have no clue when I started but I now read the darn obituaries!

Question Of The Week

Question of the week: When do you plan dinner?

I have a bad habit of waking up in the morning and just staring into my fridge hoping something will pop out at me and say “Cook ME for dinner!”

I am going to try and start actually planning my meals. I have two fears with meal planning. The first fear is that once I post a meal plan then I am committed to it. My second fear is that if I post my meal plan nobody will show up for dinner!

Video & Question Of The Week

The Beatles

Get Back

Questions of the week: Which member of The Beatles was your favorite? What is your favorite Beatles song?

Question Of The Week

Question of the week: Does your house say “Welcome Home, sit down and relax” or “Welcome to our Museum, we hope you enjoy the tour”?


My house definitely says “Welcome Home, sit down and relax!” My house is by no means messy but you can tell I have kids that is for sure!

I walked into a neighbor’s house the other day and I was afraid to move around! The house was absolutely perfect with everything in it’s place. Even if I didn’t have kids I don’t think I could live like that!

Question Of The Week

Question of the week:


Question Of The Week

Question of the week: What is the stupidest thing you or your kids have ever gotten in trouble for at school?


My 10 year old started school last Thursday. Monday afternoon her class was the last class dismissed from school. She hopped in the car and she had the “we got in trouble” smirk going on. I asked her why they were the last class out and she started laughing. Apparently at lunch they were singing inappropriate songs so they were held back for 5 minutes. I asked her what they were singing and she said they were singing Low by Flo-Rida. The next time they get an after school detention!

Question Of The Week

Question of the week: Is there a certain event (birthday, anniversary, etc.) in your life that you just can’t remember?

Yesterday evening I walked into my kitchen to start dinner. On my kitchen island stood a vase with a dozen red roses. I immediately said “Oh, Crap!” and then I heard my husband laughing . He said “You forgot again didn’t you?”

Yep, I forgot my church wedding anniversary AGAIN! I even did a post on this last year! I never remember this date for some reason. I went and wrote it down on my calendar for next. Hopefully I will not have to write another post like this again!