Follow That Van!

Due to Hurricane Ike we have been without satellite tv for two weeks now. The kids and I have come to terms with it and we have been hitting our local library to checkout tons of movies. My husband on the other hand has not quite comes to terms with it yet.

Friday afternoon he called me to let me know that the satellite company would be out this coming up Friday. I thought this was great information because we had not heard from the satellite company since we called two weeks ago. This was the conversation I had with my husband:

Me – “Great the satellite company finally called you!”
Hubby – “No they did not.”
Me – “Well at least you finally got a hold of someone on the phone.”
Hubby – “No I didn’t.”
Me – “Well how the hell do you know they will be out next Friday then?”
Hubby – “I followed one of their repair trucks.”

Yeah you read that right! My husband followed a repair truck for 30 minutes until the truck pulled into a driveway. This poor satellite repairmen must have thought my husband was crazy! Actually I am starting to wonder if he is crazy! The repairman was nice enough to call the main company and finally got us on a list to be repaired!

Just when I was starting to enjoy life without Hannah Montana!