The Return Of Chris The Mouse

Well it’s that time of year again. Yep, it’s Christmas time! Time to put up the tree, hang the lights outside, shop till you drop, drink Egg Nog and be Merry! Oh, and I almost forgot, well actually I was hoping my youngest wouldn’t remember, it’s time for Chris the Mouse to come back for a visit!

Chris the Christmas Mouse

 (If you would like to read his adventures from last year click here.)

My daughter still has her “Elf Bed” from last year and since we don’t have a Christmas Tree up yet she made a drawing of a tree to hang somewhere to put the bed under! She tried to set it all up last week but trying to bide some time for myself, I told her Santa won’t let the Elves or Chris the Mouse leave the workshop until at least December 1st.

This morning she remembered that it was December 1st! She was all happy that Chris would be able to come back tonight! Why can’t kids have crappy memories like their parents!

So, like the stupid ass great mother that I am, I have typed up Santa’s Letter for the arrival of Chris the Mouse tonight.

I will try to give a weekly update on the “Great Adventures of Chris the Mouse!”

Bad Economy Hits North Pole

I kid you not, this conversation actually took place! The other morning while we were driving to school I had the news on the radio. They were talking about how bad the economy is and how we are now in a recession. My youngest daughter, who is a little bit of a news junkie, started asking me some questions. Personally I think she is on to this Santa thing and was just asking me a bunch of questions to try and make me slip up.

Youngest Daughter: “How does Santa pay for all the toys he brings us?”
Me: “Well, duh, he makes them.”
Youngest Daughter: “How does he pay for all the supplies to make them then and how does he pay the elves?”
Me: “He probably gets donations for all that stuff.”
My oldest daughter, who is riding in the front seat, is now laughing her ass off at me!
Youngest Daughter: “Well, they are saying that people are not donating money as much this year. What will Santa do if he runs out of money?”
Me: “I guess he will have to lay-off some of his elves and maybe cut back on some of the toys he brings.”
Youngest Daughter: “Why doesn’t he just ask for a Bail Out?”
At this point I had to start laughing along with my oldest daughter! My response was just “I don’t know! Don’t you have to study for a spelling test or something?!”

Question Of The Week

Question of the week: At what age did you or your children find out that there is no Santa Claus?

I think I was 5 or 6 when my older brother by 3 years broke the news to me. He took me into my mom and dad’s closet where they stashed all the gifts. They were all wrapped and he unwrapped them and then wrapped them back up. This became our little tradition for years!

My oldest daughter was in the 4th grade when she admitted to us that she knew there was no Santa. She never told me what age she was when she figured it out. I told her if she ever told her little sister she would really know there was no Santa because she would have no gifts! So far my youngest who is now in the 4th grade has not admitted to me that there is no Santa but my motherly instinct is telling me she knows the truth.