I’m A Survivor!

I need to have a t-shirt printed that says “I Survived Back To School Shopping With My Teen 2008!”

Yesterday I made the giant leap into the dark unknown called shopping with my teen-aged daughter! Usually we have an all out war when this time of year comes around. She wants a shirt that shows off her assets and I want a shirt that covers them up!

This year went very well, no fighting, no yelling, no grounding, no nothing. We actually agreed on quite a few outfits, had lunch and we even laughed together.

I have a theory that neither one of us was P.M.S.ing for a change or we have both grown up a little. Either way “I Survived Back To School Shopping With My Teen 2008!”

The Gift That Keeps On Giving…Me A Head Ache!

July is birthday month here at my house. Both of my daughters were born in July. My oldest just turned 16 and my youngest will be 9 on Sunday. Last weekend my in-laws came down to celebrate their birthdays. They decided to give them each $30 in gift cards this year. My oldest daughter also received $40 in gift cards from her friends. 

I hate gift cards! To me they are a cop out. I think you should put some thought into what you give someone for a gift.

Last year my mother in-law took my oldest daughter out for a day of shopping, pedicures and then they had dinner with grandpa. My daughter loved spending the time with her grandmother as well as spending her money and really enjoyed the dinner with just her and her grandparents. My youngest daughter spent a day with her grandparents and her cousin who is 4 days older than her going to the circus. They all had a blast!

This year they get gift cards! That means I have to take them shopping! I hate shopping! I spent 2 hours with 2 girls in a store yesterday. Talk about a total nightmare. The little one did fairly well. She knew what she wanted and stuck with it. The oldest one on the other hand drove me nuts! She has to look at everything and then look at it all again. Then of course she buys the first thing she had her eye on!

Next year if my kids get gift cards I am telling the person who bought it that they must be the one to take them shopping!