Life’s A Beach

We are taking a break and hitting the beach this week! My in-laws have a time share and will be staying at a condo in Galveston this week. The condo sleeps 8 so they have invited us to come stay there for 3 days. My sister-in-law and her 2 boys will be there as well. That brings us up to 9 people in an 8 room condo. I just pray that we survive!

For the next three days I will be doing nothing but eating, playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean. That is it! I figure with the girls being almost 10 and 17 they can fend for themselves. As long as they are not gushing blood it will be all good!

Life’s a Beach and I intend on enjoying it!


This is where we will be staying.

 This is the beach access from the condos.


FunnySign6-2006.jpg I'll go to a beach with water. image by juniort2

I sure hope they don’t have this sign up!

Four Days of Roughing It

We are back from our summer vacation! We had a really good time. It is funny to see how the kids behave camping as they get older. For a matter of fact it is funny to see how we grownups behave camping as we get older!

Meal time went very smooth this time. I think it went smoothly because the girls actually helped me out this time. We planned very simple meals, for brunch we had scrambled eggs and bacon and the dinners consisted of chicken breasts, steak, hot dogs with a canned vegetable on the side.

For dessert we of course roasted marshmallows and one night we even got daring and made s’mores! The down side of roasting marshmallows is that my youngest daughter does not like eating roasted marshmallow, so she is my designated roasted. Then we always have the great marshmallow debate! My husband and my oldest daughter take their good old time and gently toast the marshmallows until they are a golden brown! My youngest daughter and I say a good roasted marshmallow is one that you catch on fire and blow out and then eat all burnt. Burn, baby burn!

Most of our days we spent swimming in the lake. The oldest one did pretty well, but doesn’t care too much for the way the bottom feels and she doesn’t like the idea of swimming with fish. The youngest one and myself on the other hand put on our goggles and swam out to the grassy areas and searched for the fish! My husband spent his time trying to catch the fish which did not work this trip. Fishing was not good this time!

One day we rented a canoe for a couple of hours. The oldest one does not like canoes so she stayed back at the cabin. The three of us took off and covered a big part of the lake. I did figure out that I really need to work on my upper body parts. My arms were killing me the day after!

This time camping I let my girls have a lot of freedom. This was the first time they got to go hiking alone. I think they enjoyed the time away from us evil parents. Hopefully this will help them stop fighting so much but I am not holding my breath!

Yesterday we made it back and the first thing we all did was jump in the shower. Four days of just rinsing off does not smell pleasant! My youngest daughter and I “cheated” as my oldest called it and we washed our hair with some shampoo that was left in the shower house! We said that it was a gift from God and it would be wrong to not use it!

Well after 4 days of roughing it we are all back to normal now. My oldest daughter is back to having the phone as a body part, the youngest is watching tv and playing her gameboy, my husband is back to work and I am of course back on the computer!