The Heat Is On

I live in Texas and it’s hotter than Hell right now. We have been in the 100’s most of this week. To cool down we have been going to the pool almost every day. It’s sad when you jump into the pool and expect to hit nice cool refreshing water but instead you hit water that is 85 degrees! YUK!

I did find one good thing about it being hotter than Hell: You can leave a cup of coffee in your car while you go shopping and it will still be nice and hot when you come back to it.

What can I say, I’m an optimist!

Go Jump In A Lake…OK!

Here we go, I think this is going to be the busiest weekend of the summer!

Tomorrow night we are going to see Bryan Adams and Foreigner in concert. It is an outdoor concert and yes we are taking the kids. They love going to concerts with us, so we let them when the price is right. These tickets were $10 each but you have to sit on the lawn which is what we prefer to do anyway. Last year we took both girls to see Steve Miller. We also took the older one to go see Rush this one was a bit expensive but she really wanted to go. This concert should be great!

Saturday we get to celebrate my youngest daughter’s birthday. She will be officially 9 even though her dad thought she was turning 10! She will have three of her friends over  to our neighborhood pool for a party. Simple but fun, they can swim, eat pizza have cake and the best part is nobody gets to mess up my house!

Sunday is the day I can’t wait to get here. We are packing up the car and heading out for 4 days of camping. We rent a cabin at a lake every summer to just get away from it all. The best part is we have a no electronics rule for everyone. No cell phones, radios, tv, computers, gameboys, nothing!

So come Sunday I am going to say the hell with it all and go jump in a lake!

I’m Bored

We have officially hit the I’m Bored stage of summer! My youngest child goes back to school in 4 weeks and the oldest goes back in 6 weeks. Both children are walking around trying to find something to do and they are driving me nuts. Not that they have to far to drive for that to happen!

So far this summer we have gone to the pool almost everyday, gone to the movies, gone out on our boat a lot, gone to vacation bible school, and have just hung out here and played with friends! What else is there to do?

I told my youngest one that we could always get out the multiplication flashcards or do a summer book report if the whining gets too loud. She immediately found something to play with, no problem. She usually has no problem keeping herself occupied. 

The oldest one is the one that is really testing me right now. She has to have someone with her to keep her from being bored. It seems that when she is not grounded from the phone her friends are. Currently her boyfriend has lost his phone privileges for a week. She has already blown the use of her computer for the summer, so that is out of the question. I have told her if she does not find something to do soon she will be helping me super clean the house for when her grandmother, my mother in-law, comes over tomorrow!

I should be thankful beacuse at least so far there has been no blood shed between the two of them! I say so far because we still have another month of summer to get through!

Summer, Now You See It…Now You Don’t!

We spent this weekend on a mini summer vacation. We drove from Houston up to Dallas to go see an IRL race. The girls were great and did not fight the entire trip. Before the race started Robbie Knievel jumped 21 Hummers on his motorcycle. We had an awesome time and the girls even got to see the winner of the race, Scott Dixon. He shook their hands as well! My youngest of course stated that she would never wash her hand again.

We came home to find a message on our phone stating that our oldest daughter’s summer was officially over! She will be spending half of her summer retaking World History. Being a Freshman in high school she couldn’t figure out that not turning in assignments and not studying for tests meant that you were not going to pass. So, she will be spending 3 weeks in summer school and her bank account will be missing $150 that our great school district charges for each class. Yes, we are mean parents and we made her pay for it since she was the one who failed the class. Hopefully she will learn her lesson from it!

Memorial Weekend – The Unofficial Start of Summer

I love Memorial weekend! Our neighborhood pool opened on Saturday. We spent Saturday & Monday at the pool. The 8 year old spent her time remembering how to swim and meeting a bunch of new friends. The 15 year old spent her time drooling over the new life guards on duty this year. I spent my time trying to hide my flabby self under my towel.

Sunday was spent watching the Indy 500 of course. We love the IRL racing series at my house. The Indy 500 is like our Super Bowl of the year! The 8 year old took home the money this race. Yes, we even bet on the races. I know we are a sad bunch and I am probably teaching my kids really bad habits!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Memorial weekend.  

The Last Day of School

My youngest daughter has been doing the “School is almost out” countdown for 2 weeks now. Tomorrow is her last day of school. She jumped out of bed this morning and declared only one more day of school!

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks! Oh, crap I only have one more day to myself! I had so many things that I wanted to get done in the past 9 months. I was going to have lunch with old co-workers, never happened. I was going to volunteer more, never happened. I was going to clean the attic and the garage out, never happened. I was going to garden, never happened. Where did the time fly?

Now, I will have to spend the next 3 months at the pool, going to the beach, going to the zoo and the museums. I will have to blow bubbles and play kick ball with the neighborhood kids. I will also have to make snow cones for all of those neighborhood kids. I will have to referee water gun fights, manage lemonade stands and car washes and make sure each kid involved gets their share of the cut.

Oh, man I can’t wait! Tomorrow is the Last Day of School!!