Me, Myself And I

Me, Myself and I… I swear my family thinks that phrase means there are 3 of me! I am also starting to think that my kitchen has a giant magnetic force to it when I enter!

It never fails, the minute I walk into the kitchen my husband and both of my daughters seem to follow me within seconds! Then they all want to start talking to me. All three of them at the same time! Then they each complain that I am not listening to them!

Last night I finally lost it! I went into the kitchen to start dinner when the magnetic force pulled them into the kitchen with me. My husband started telling me about another dumb ass thing Obama did, my oldest daughter started in about having her phone privileges taken away and my youngest daughter was asking me about her birthday party plans for next week. All of them at the same time! 

I stood there in the middle of my kitchen and yelled, “Shut up” at the top of my lungs! I told them from now on if I was in the kitchen they were only allowed in one at a time! I also told them from now on I only speak to one person at a time! If I am not looking directly at you then do not speak to me!

All three of them left the kitchen rather swiftly. My husband had the nerve to tell my girls that I was just PMSing. I quickly responded, “I am sure that a PMS defense will stand up at your murder trial!”

I seriously need this sign!