Homework Trouble

In my house we have a system in the afternoons for homework that works really well. It involves me, and only me, helping out both girls. The oldest one sits at the dining room table and the youngest one sits at the kitchen table and I run back and forth. The youngest one has a great teacher who only wants the kids to do homework for an hour. We are supposed to focus on the subject she needs the most help with and then move on from there.

Well yesterday the system broke down!

My oldest daughter has been complaining of a toothache for a couple of days. I called the dentist yesterday and they said they could get her in at 4 pm that same day. I grabbed it! I called my husband and told him he needed to pick-up our youngest daughter at school. I told him to get her started on her homework and I would help her if she got stuck on something when I got home. He took it upon himself to try and help her with all of her homework. 

When I got home at 5:30 pm I found my youngest daughter lying on the couch just plain worn out. I asked her what was wrong and she said, “Don’t ever let Daddy help me with homework again! I know he is the one who went to college and all but he is not as smart as you!”

My husband started complaining about how the teacher, with whom he has never met, gives out way too much homework. He then started saying how he had to teach our daughter how to do math. I am now thinking “Oh, Crap he screwed everything up!’

My youngest daughter looked at me and then started crying. She told me she was going to get in trouble because Daddy wouldn’t let her finish a math paper that she had to turn in no matter what.

I told her I would write a note to her teacher and  explain everything to her. This is my note: 


The Price of an Education…

When did the end of the school year become so expensive? Last week I shelled out $20 for an end of school carnival and paid $10 to see my oldest perform at her school choir Pop Show. Next week I get to pay $14 for her FFA banquet and another $20 for her choir banquet. This brings my total for one kid up to $64. Thank goodness I am cheap and did not buy her a $75 yearbook!

I got off really cheap with the younger one and spent $10 on a plant for her teacher as a “Thank you for putting up with my child all year” gift.