My Name is Mom, And I Am A Webkinz Addict!

It all started off very innocently:

“Mom, if you get on the computer today can you take care of my Webkinz?”

“Sure no problem, Sweety”

It all went to hell in a hand basket after that. On a daily basis I was logging on to my daughter’s Webkinz and taking care of her little White Terrier named Coco. I did all the daily chores that needed to be done and then I found the arcade! I was setting high records at Tile Towers and Quizzy’s Word Challenge. Coco was a very happy virtual pet.

Over the weekend I entrusted Coco to my daughter. She played with Coco for two days without any help from me.

Then it came: I hit rock bottom!

When I picked my daughter up from school on Monday I asked her:

“How could you forget to do your gardening?”

“What gardening?”

“You know, Coco’s garden! I got on Webkinz, this morning and I had to dig up all the plants!”

My daughter then proceeded to laugh at me for the next 10 minutes and then told me that if I yelled at her again for not taking care of Coco, I mean her toy, she would change her password.

I will now suffer in silence when she forgets to do her gardening!