Question Of The Week

Question of the week: If you could be a kid again for one day this summer, what would you do?

I would have to do two things for sure: Play in the sprinkler for a few hours and chase down the Ice Cream Man.

What If…

I have written before about mine and my youngest daughter’s warped sense of humor and how my oldest daughter can’t stand it. If you would like to visit In My World… have fun!

This morning I got my oldest daughter very freaked out! I was laughing my butt off for at least an hour!

I went upstairs to the girls bathroom this morning per a request from my younger daughter to “do something with this mop!”  The girls each have their own sink in the bathroom. I was standing behind my youngest daughter while my oldest daughter was brushing her own hair.

Then it came to me, one of my famous What If moments! My oldest daughter really hates it when I have these moments!

So what if… There is a Mirror World? When you look in the mirror how do you know there is not someone else looking back at you? What if we are just the image and they are the real person?

My youngest daughter of course had to chime in on this one! She came up with: What if their hair looks better than yours? What if they don’t have pimples like you do?

Hmmm, the things in life that just make you go What If?