It’s Only A Game

In my family we are very competitive. When we play games we play to win! There is no such thing as letting someone win, not even the kids. They must learn from experience and master whatever it is they are playing on their own.

With all that being said, I AM PISSED! For the first time as a mother one of my kids beat me at miniature golf. It couldn’t even be the oldest one either, NO, it had to be my youngest daughter. Sure, go ahead and rub salt into the wound!

My youngest daughter was all excited when we went to our favorite mini-golf course down in Galveston this past weekend because she got to play her favorite course. They have two courses there, The Ocean Side and the Jungle Side. We normally play the Jungle Side but because it was so hot we decided to play the Ocean Side and take advantage of the sea breeze.

I knew it was going to be a tough day when on the first hole I started pulling my ball to the left for a score of 4 and she made a hole in one! I did not let that dampen my spirit at all and I came back from that with a few hole in ones myself. She was a child on a mission and just flat out scored me. She beat me by 3 strokes!

The worse part was we had money on the line and I had to pay her a dollar! When I paid up to the little mob queen she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Nice doing business with you and just remember Mom, It’s only a game!”

Oh, shut up! Damn kid!