Question Of The Week

Question of the week: What do you get your spouse/significant other for Valentine’s Day?


My husband and I are not big into celebrating Valentine’s Day. I usually get him a card and a box of chocolates and he usually buys me a card and a dozen red roses. He also buys an arrangement of flowers for both of our daughters. I buy them a box of chocolates that come with a stuffed animal.

Anniversary, What Anniversary?

Yesterday, I woke up and did my normal routine. Drank my coffee, exercised, ate breakfast, showered and then checked my e-mail. Normal day, everyone said good morning and went about their business as usual. No big deal, just another day.

Wrong!!! My husband comes over to my computer and puts a greeting card on the desk. Then he says, “You forgot today is our anniversary, didn’t you? Remember our church wedding?” My reply was “Of course I didn’t. I was going to pick up a card at lunch time and say something then.” Luckily he fell for that!

I don’t know why but I always forget our church wedding anniversary. I remember our civil wedding date, no problem. I felt like such a heel! It is usually the husband who forgets things like this not the wife!! The sad part is we have a needlepoint picture that my friend made in our bedroom which has the date on it and I dust it every week!


Here are a few things that just make me go WHY?

  • Why is it when I stay at home alone with the kids it is called being a mom and when my husband stays home alone with the kids it is called baby-sitting?
  • Why is it when a woman no longer has a paying job she becomes a housewife or a stay at home mom and when a man no longer has a paying job he becomes unemployed?
  • Why is it the kids never get hurt unless Mom goes into the bathroom?
  • Why is it that when your child asks a question and you tell him No, he asks you the same question over again?