Random Babbling

I have way too many little things flying through my head right now so I thought I would just do a babbling post! Ok see, I said “flying through my head” and I instantly thought of The Flying Monkeys in the Wizard of Oz! 

  • Sunday was Valentine’s Day and my husband did good. He bought each of our daughters a single red rose and he bought me a dozen red tulips. Now for the bad part, apparently my youngest daughter and I don’t do well with tulips in the house. Our allergies are killing us! It started yesterday when they started to bloom and today we are just miserable! I hate to get rid of them but I don’t know how much more we can take!
  • Yesterday I started working and like any office there is drama! Apparently I am taking over for a lady who is being moved to the front desk and she is not happy about it either. Also it seems like for the most part the people who work for this company are pranksters. The first thing they did was ask if I was a coffee drinker. I of course said hook me up to the IV. Apparently there is the great “How Strong Should the Coffee Be” debate going on at this office between the guys and gals. Yesterday the guys made the coffee for the “newcomer” and let me tell you it was strong! They started laughing when I said I took my coffee black, but I drank it without a single complaint and I drank more than one cup. I will however have to tell them that I think I found a new chest hair this morning!
  • Last night we met my youngest daughter’s new softball coach. For the record I am not a “Softball Mom!” I go to practices and the games but I don’t color code my clothes to the teams uniform and I don’t do the Team Mom shirt with the Bling. That just ain’t me! When my daughter is at bat I tell her to picture her older sister or her dad’s head, whichever has pissed her off the most lately, coming at her. She is usually good for a base hit when I do that! Ok, back to our new coach, I have nicknamed her Little Miss Sunshine. She is one of those overly nice people. She talked about how we would root for the other team when they made a good play and how the umpire is always right and we should thank him for helping us. My youngest daughter got in the car after the meeting and she said “We are going to lose a lot of games!” I laughed and told her, “at least you guys will be Happy Losers!”
  • My oldest daughter is “Not talking” to me. I think I blinked at her by mistake yesterday when she mentioned getting back together with an ex-boyfriend. I don’t like the arrogant, self-centered, egotistical kid and I swear I didn’t say a single thing to my daughter about my opinion of him. I know better than to do that! Last night she said “I don’t care what you think of him, you are just going to have to put up with him!” I think that is when I blinked and it has been nice and quiet ever since! Ahhhh…

Run Dorothy! Run or the flying monkeys will get you! by wvdirtboy (ilikegooglebetter).

A Foot In The Door

Last week I had an interview for a part-time job. I tried to go into that interview with a new attitude. Instead of me looking desperate for a job I went in with the attitude that they needed me for their company. I told them what I was capable of doing and what my weaknesses were.

Apparently they liked my new found attitude and I now have a job! It’s not much but it has the potential to turn into something really good!  It’s a foot in the door and I don’t intend to let it slip out!

Thanks for all of you who kept me in your thoughts and prayers! 

Change, It’s A Good Thing Right?

I figured I didn’t want to be left behind on this whole “Change” thing, so I changed my look here. I hope you like it and if you don’t, well, too bad it’s my blog!

It looks like my life will also be taking a bit of a change. It seems due to recent economic setbacks that I will be rejoining the work force. Right now I am the search mode.

My husband wants the perfect world where I can work part-time around the kids schedule and make full-time money. I know what planet is he living on?!

He also made a comment about him getting another job, but as he put it: “That would mean I would have to go back to working for someone else. I don’t think I can do that.” But hey, it’s ok for me!

If I do go back to work full-time it will be up to my husband to pick up the girls after school and help with homework. Please keep them in your prayers!

I actually interviewed for a full-time job today that would be perfect for me. I will keep my fingers crossed. Oh yeah, a little prayer for me wouldn’t hurt either! 🙂