Do You Know What Your Kid Is Watching?

Last Friday afternoon my oldest daughter, who is now 17, was laying on our couch watching MTV. Normally I have that channeled blocked on the living room TV because I do not want my younger daughter watching it but since she was gone I unblocked it. I decided to sit down and have a look see to what was going on with the old MTV channel.

My daughter was watching a show by the name of 16 and Pregnant. Honestly I was sickened by this show. I watched maybe 15 minutes and I made her turn the crap off. The episode I saw had a very pregnant 16 year old shopping with her mom for a prom dress. I am sorry, 16 + pregnant = NO PROM in my little world. What is wrong with some of these parents?

The only good thing I have to say about this show is that I was able to ask my daughter what her opinion on teen pregnancy was. I was glad to hear that she wants no part of it. At least she is smart enough to tell me what I want to hear! One of her friends already had a pregnancy scare this summer and from what I understand this friend was actually disappointed that she wasn’t pregnant!

Do you know what your kid is watching? Man, we have sure come along way from the good old days of Barney and Sesame Street!