Just Another Day At The Zoo..

I love playing “What If” with my kiddos. My youngest one likes to play with me as well. My oldest one gets VERY FREAKED out which just adds fuel to fire!

The other day I took my daughters to the Zoo. We were walking around by the elephants when I decided to say, “What If… the animals were really watching us instead of us watching them? You know, what if WE are the exhibits?”

Freaked my oldest one out beyond belief. We even had the elephant zookeeper laughing at us! Then my youngest daughter points to a sign that was right next to us:

The other thing my oldest daughter hates is Gnomes! I love my Gnomes. Believe it or not at the Zoo we found not only one but two Gnomes!!

The first Gnome was found in the Reptile exhibit. He was cute and very cheerful and luckily for me there was no snake in the exhibit with him at the time! I hate snakes!!


The second Gnome was found in the Bird exhibit. We found him in an exhibit that was being worked on. I love this little guy! He has pure evil written all over his face. I can almost hear his evil chuckle. Oh, wait, I think that is my inner evil chuckle I am hearing! Can’t you just picture this little guy picking up the hammer that is near him and doing some major damage around him?

I love the Zoo!

A Day At The Zoo

Last Wednesday we went to the Houston Zoo. Apparently the rest of the City of Houston decided to do the same thing! We spent 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot but after that it was smooth sailing. My daughters had a great day! They did not even fight with each other, which made my day great!

IMG_0423 by you.

I loved the color of this bird!

Mama and Baby Giraffe

I love the giraffes!

Komodo Dragon

My husband and my girls want a pet lizard now! I told them it’s either me or a lizard. I’ll let you know where I’m moving to! 🙂

Baby Elephant


Sleeping Grizzly Bear

I sure wasn’t going to wake him up!

Black Bear


Texas Longhorn

Only at a Texas Zoo!

All Wrapped Up Into One

This week my girls are on Spring Break. So I am going to spend the week playing with my kids.

Tomorrow we have a great day of outside yard work planned! Boy I bet the kids will have a blast pulling weeds, trimming the bushes and spreading out mulch!

Wednesday, we thought the kids would like to visit with some extended family so we have planned a day at the Houston Zoo. Believe it or not the 16 year old is more excited about this than the 9 year old. But, I guess that is why she wants to be a vet!

The rest of the week is up in the air for now. I am sure we will be able to find plenty of things to do.

Question of the week: What are you planning on doing for Spring Break? Or What was your favorite Spring Break activity?

The Twiddlebugs