It’s A Small World

This past weekend a major life event happened at my house. It probably happened a little bit before this weekend but this was the first time I noticed it. Or maybe I even noticed it before but this past weekend I finally acknowledged this major life event.

It is finally official: My oldest daughter is taller than me!

We were in the bathroom where I was attempting to help her straighten her hair. I don’t do good styling hair, that is just not my cup of tea. I was standing behind her when I looked in the mirror and I could not see myself! She was in the way, blocking me!

It is not very hard for someone to be taller than me seeing that I am only 5’2″. But somehow it is just not fair when your child can look down on you! I did inform her that I of course could still take her down if needed. I just hope she doesn’t make me prove it!

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  1. This is a tough one. I remember this. It’s cruel!! Just keep up the reminder though, I can still take my grown boys down too!!! I probably can’t but they’d let me!

  2. My daughter is also taller than me and was thrilled the day we noticed. My son is 6 foot and he knows I can still take him down. You don’t mess with Mama.

  3. Joy – It’s the thought that counts I guess! 🙂

    Joan – There should be a rule about not being taller than your parents!


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