Return of Chris the Mouse

Several years ago my youngest daughter came to me and asked why she didn’t have an Elf that visits her. Some fool had introduced her to Elf On A Shelf. To this day we are still trying to figure out which parent to hang for this atrocity! That year there was not a single Elf On A Shelf to be found in my area and so Chris the Mouse was born.
As with all kids, my daughter grew up and Chris the Mouse stopped coming down to Texas on his Christmas vacation. That was until last night.
Sadly the past few years have not been good for him. I found out that Santa had to cut his labor force due to Obama Care and well, Chris the Mouse has not handled it well. He has turned to drinking and apparently he doesn’t handle his booze well. I don’t want to be around when he finds out that the severance pay he got is nothing but a freaking candy bar!


It’s Official

I am officially a Type 1 diabetic. That little gleam of hope I had, swooshed away in just one little sentence. To be honest nothing will change with what I had already been doing. But, with the Type 2 diagnose there was hope that with diet and exercise I could kick it and go back to a non insulin-injecting life. Now I am looking at this being my norm.
The past few days have been emotionally strange for me with this news. I have gone from sad, pissed off to it is what it is all in just 3 days. I think my biggest problem is I am very competitive and with Type 2 I looked at it as a challenge to kick it. At first when I heard Type 1 it felt like I lost. I do not like to lose! But I have come to the conclusion that I was not just playing 1 game, I am playing an entire diabetic season. So although I may have lost a game, I have not yet been defeated. I will continue to lose the weight I need to lose and I will remain healthy!
At 42 years old I still have plenty of things to do in life and I am up for this new challenge in life.

A Tad Bit Off

This past Thanksgiving was a little odd around my place. Since my divorce the Holidays are just a bit different. Not bad in any way just different. This year my youngest went with her dad for Thanksgiving day. They went up to his sister’s place and she got to hang out with all her cousins.
To add-on to the offness of Thanksgiving this year, my oldest daughter decided to drop the bomb a week before that she would be moving out-of-state to go live with a new boyfriend the week after Thanksgiving. She would leave her daughter here with the baby’s dad and take off. Oh, and she met this boy online, playing Xbox. I have come to terms that it is her life as she is an adult now. As long as my granddaughter is not in any danger I am not going to waste my breath any longer.
Back to Thanksgiving. I celebrated on Saturday. I had my turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and Mince Meat pie. Oh and my Insulin! My oldest daughter, granddaughter, my granddaughter’s dad and my youngest daughter all pigged out. As my youngest daughter put it they acted like nothing was wrong, like nothing was changing. It was all just a tad bit off.