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Alice in Wonderland

Question of the week: Would you go see a movie by yourself in the theater or would you just wait for it to come out on DVD?

Life With A Job

I am on week two with having a job and let me tell you I am actually starting to love the two days that I go to work! It does not sound like much just working two days a week but my family is learning a lot!

My husband is having to adjust to picking up my youngest daughter from school and making sure she gets her homework done. He is also having to deal with my oldest daughter when she comes home from school. He called me 4 times within 10 minutes the other day! I did not answer his calls, I made him leave me a voicemail. This is what his calls were about:

  • Can the oldest one get on the internet to do a school project?
  • Do I want the dishwasher ran?
  • What are you planning for dinner? I don’t see anything taken out!
  • Can the youngest go outside and play when her homework is done?

I called him back when I was on my way home, about 2 hours after he left the messages. He was a bit pissed with me because I didn’t return his calls immediately. I told him no one was on their way to the emergency room so I didn’t feel the need to cal him back. Then I told him we would talk when I got home.

When I got home I informed him that he was not a baby-sitter he was a parent and as such he was going to have to make some minor parental judgements. Umm, if the dishwasher is full turn it on! If the kid needs the internet for homework let her use it! If the kid is done with her homework let her go out and play! As for dinner, well I have never let my family go hungry yet!

The kids have complained to me a little bit as well. My youngest does not like the way her Dad hovers over her while she does her homework. Then when she asks him for help he does not explain things on a 5th grade level. For example they are learning division, in 5th grade they have remainders. Well Dad was trying to teach her how to add a decimal point and continue working it out!

When my oldest daughter comes home from school I let her go to her room and decompress for about a half hour before I say anything to her. Dad decides to ask her 5 million questions the second she walks in the door and then he wonders why she snaps at him!

Yesterday, I came home from work an hour early. My husband was upstairs in his office working and both of my daughters were on the couch and they looked exhausted. My oldest daughter said if you ever go full-time I am going to kill you!

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John Mayer

Perfectly Lonely

Question of the week: What’s in your CD player right now?

Random Babbling

I have way too many little things flying through my head right now so I thought I would just do a babbling post! Ok see, I said “flying through my head” and I instantly thought of The Flying Monkeys in the Wizard of Oz! 

  • Sunday was Valentine’s Day and my husband did good. He bought each of our daughters a single red rose and he bought me a dozen red tulips. Now for the bad part, apparently my youngest daughter and I don’t do well with tulips in the house. Our allergies are killing us! It started yesterday when they started to bloom and today we are just miserable! I hate to get rid of them but I don’t know how much more we can take!
  • Yesterday I started working and like any office there is drama! Apparently I am taking over for a lady who is being moved to the front desk and she is not happy about it either. Also it seems like for the most part the people who work for this company are pranksters. The first thing they did was ask if I was a coffee drinker. I of course said hook me up to the IV. Apparently there is the great “How Strong Should the Coffee Be” debate going on at this office between the guys and gals. Yesterday the guys made the coffee for the “newcomer” and let me tell you it was strong! They started laughing when I said I took my coffee black, but I drank it without a single complaint and I drank more than one cup. I will however have to tell them that I think I found a new chest hair this morning!
  • Last night we met my youngest daughter’s new softball coach. For the record I am not a “Softball Mom!” I go to practices and the games but I don’t color code my clothes to the teams uniform and I don’t do the Team Mom shirt with the Bling. That just ain’t me! When my daughter is at bat I tell her to picture her older sister or her dad’s head, whichever has pissed her off the most lately, coming at her. She is usually good for a base hit when I do that! Ok, back to our new coach, I have nicknamed her Little Miss Sunshine. She is one of those overly nice people. She talked about how we would root for the other team when they made a good play and how the umpire is always right and we should thank him for helping us. My youngest daughter got in the car after the meeting and she said “We are going to lose a lot of games!” I laughed and told her, “at least you guys will be Happy Losers!”
  • My oldest daughter is “Not talking” to me. I think I blinked at her by mistake yesterday when she mentioned getting back together with an ex-boyfriend. I don’t like the arrogant, self-centered, egotistical kid and I swear I didn’t say a single thing to my daughter about my opinion of him. I know better than to do that! Last night she said “I don’t care what you think of him, you are just going to have to put up with him!” I think that is when I blinked and it has been nice and quiet ever since! Ahhhh…

Run Dorothy! Run or the flying monkeys will get you! by wvdirtboy (ilikegooglebetter).

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Stevie Wonder

I Just Called To Say I Love You

Question of the week: Do you have any special Valentine’s Day plans?

It’s Never To Early To Start Couponing

It is amazing the things I end up talking about with my oldest daughter. Actually, it should scare the hell out of me but for some reason it doesn’t.

My daughter has a friend who happens to be a boy. They are just friends, which according to my husband is not possible! You can’t be “just friends” with a member of the opposite sex. This kid is always at my house and I am always taking him places with us. I treat him just like I do my own kids, poor thing! 

Ok, back on track… this boy had a girl call him a few weeks ago and told him he was the father of her 8 month old daughter. To make a long story short he found out he is not the father but he had the crap scared out of him!

I had a serious Safe Sex talk with him and my oldest daughter as well. I strongly urged both of them to practice abstinence. Hey a mother can dream! Since my little talk, I keep making little comments like this, “Don’t be silly, protect your Willie” loud enough for him to hear when he calls my daughter.

This past Sunday when I was clipping out my coupons from the newspaper I found this coupon:

I asked my oldest daughter if she wanted me to clip it out for him. She couldn’t stop laughing! She called him immediately and told him about the coupon. While she was on the the phone with him I of course just had to make another one of my famous remarks for him to hear! I told him to “Clip it or Zip it!”

A Foot In The Door

Last week I had an interview for a part-time job. I tried to go into that interview with a new attitude. Instead of me looking desperate for a job I went in with the attitude that they needed me for their company. I told them what I was capable of doing and what my weaknesses were.

Apparently they liked my new found attitude and I now have a job! It’s not much but it has the potential to turn into something really good!  It’s a foot in the door and I don’t intend to let it slip out!

Thanks for all of you who kept me in your thoughts and prayers! 

What A Bunch Of Sickies

Apparently in our community we have Type A Flu, Strep Throat, and the Stomach Flu going around. This is text from an actual e-mail that my youngest daughter’s school sent out this past Wednesday at 10:22 am: 

We have many students who are coming down with the Type A Flu.  Please be aware of your child’s health before sending them to school.  Many students are coming to school congested but having to leave with a high fever within an hour of school beginning.  They have then contaminated the whole class. If your child is ill and they have not had the flu shot,  be aware that they could be coming down with something that needs a doctor’s care.
We also have the stomach flu and Strep throat going around.
If your child is ill please keep them home.  If they are running a fever or throwing up keep them home until they are clear for 24 hours.   This will help all of us maintain a healthy environment.


You would think this would be common sense. It is to me at least! Oh don’t forget I send my youngest to private school! 

I guess the school figured out that there was not a lot of common sense even among our group because here is text from another e-mail I received on Wednesday, yes the same day, at 11:31 am: 

To help stop the spread of illness in the school we are shutting off the water fountains tomorrow.  Despite our continued warnings, the students still tend to put their mouth on the water-spout.
I am asking parents to bring in a case of water bottles per family.  The PreK and K classes will need the half pint bottles (or gallon jugs and we will provide the cups). 
Illness is spreading through our community, it is not just at our school. Please be mindful of this as you go shopping, out to eat or out in public.
Please contact the school office for any questions or other suggestions.


For the record they did shut off the drinking fountains and they also wrapped them with caution tape! I crack up every time I see them! 

Of course this is the same school that, in order to save a little money, made posters at the beginning of the year that said: 

Cough and Cover!

The kids had a blast with those signs!

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Doritos® – Crash the Super Bowl 2010 Finalist –

House Rules


Questions of the week: Will you be watching the Super Bowl game? Which team are you pulling for? Do you watch the Super Bowl for the game itself, the commercials or the half time show?

Bad Friends

My oldest daughter decided to hang out with a few new friends this week. I keep telling her she needs to pick better friends but she just won’t listen! She has been hanging out with Mr. Sniffles, Mr. Droopy Eyes and Ms. Red Throat! They met her at school Monday morning and the nurse made me come pick them all up early so they wouldn’t disturb the other kids!

They hung out at my house all day yesterday. I made them stay in her room and quietly watch TV all day. They did come out once or twice to come down into the kitchen for food. They tried to come out in the afternoon so they could play with my youngest daughter but luckily she didn’t want any part of their so-called friendship. She quickly did her homework and took off to a real friends house across the street!

This morning my oldest daughter woke up and it looked like the party animals decided to leave. She did complain that she was really tired but I made her go to school anyway. I told her that’s what you get for hanging out with such bad friends!

Hopefully she has seen how bad her new friends are and they won’t be coming home with her again!

Science Fair Projects

It’s that time of year again, the dreaded Science Fair time! I always hated doing science fair projects when I was a kid. The only thing worse than having to do a science fair project is to have to “help” your child do one!

My oldest daughter was easy. She hated doing the stupid things as much as I did! We would buy some kind of science kit (one year we had a kit that grew crystals), follow the instructions and write it down on a poster board and be done with it! Instant passing grade!

My youngest daughter, well not so easy! She loves doing science projects and she even tries to win the stupid science fair! In the past her science fair projects have been:

  • 1st grade ~ Which brand of micro waved popcorn pops the quickest?
  • 2nd grade ~ Which brand of chewing gum keeps its flavor the longest?
  • 3rd grade ~  Which brand of micro waved popcorn pops the quickest? (she was pissed at me for weeks because I made her do the same project over!)
  • 4th grade ~ Will a seed that has been frozen grow?

This year she wants to do her project on: What type of liquid will a seed grow better in? I told her she might want to pick something a little easier for us to do. She informed me that it wasn’t OUR project, it’s HER project!

Well, stick that in a pot and water it with soda then!