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Happy Thanksgiving!


Question Of The Week

Question of the week: What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for my family even though they drive me crazy at times! I am also thankful for being healthy and for having a little bit of inner peace with myself.

Final Farewells

This past weekend I attended the funeral for my brother-in-law. His funeral was very simple and nice. They had a viewing in the church and then had mass for him. It was all very serious. 

My 9 year old nephew, not his son, sat in the pew in front of me after he said his final goodbye and he was talking to my 9 year old daughter.  I overheard him tell her “Everyone keeps saying how nice he looks. He looks dead to me!” I had to leave the church for a minute because I was laughing so hard!

Then I started to think about other funerals I have attended over the years. This funeral sticks out in my mind the most:

 My aunt, who was my mother’s sister, passed away when I was in my early 20’s. She was the oldest of 8 kids and she was the first to pass away in our family. During the visitation I turned around to see one of my cousins, who is the same age as me, wearing these eyeglasses with the springy eyeballs. There were 6 of us cousins who just lost it laughing and we all went out into the front of the funeral home. We were sitting there on the couches when one of my older cousins starts tossing one of the urns that were on display. So there we were playing toss with the urn when one of my aunts came out and told us how inappropriate we were being. I then told her “Well if she wasn’t dead she would be the one out here leading us!” 

At this same funeral when we went to the cemetery my mother was paying her last respects at the casket and her heel got stuck in the ground. She bent down to get her shoe unstuck and fell into the hole! We all started laughing and the priest helped her up and told her “This is not a two for one deal!”

After the funeral we all went back to one of my aunt’s house and had a huge party with music and a keg.

Personally I hope I have a funeral like my aunt’s!


Scrunchy the Gerbil

Scrunchy the Gerbil


This is our newest family member Scrunchy. She is a gray rat gerbil. We decided to go with a gerbil instead of another hamster this time. Gerbils are a little more active than the hamsters. Unfortunaltely, to me they look more like rats! But the same house rules apply: Mom never has to do anything with it!

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My New Role On Blues Clues


I bought this shirt a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. I wore it yesterday for the first time and I now love it!

My oldest daughter made the mistake of telling me I looked like I belonged on Blue’s Clues! As I came back from checking the mail, while both of my girls were outside of course, I just had to start singing: “We just got a letter, we just got a letter, we just got a letter, I wonder who it’s from!” The look on their face was worth the cost of the shirt!

This is a spoof of the Blues Clues mail segment, but the song is the same old annoying song!

Question Of The Week

Question of the week: Do you host Thanksgiving dinner or do you go to someone elses house for Thanksgiving dinner?

I have had to host Thanksgiving dinner only twice. I really don’t mind cooking the Thanksgiving meal in fact I actually enjoyed doing it. We usually go to my mother-in-laws for Thanksgiving. We usually have 14 of us all together and most of us end up spending the night.

Family Loss

We have had a loss in our family this weekend. My husband’s brother-in-law (his sister’s husband) suffered a massive stroke and will not make it through. He will leave behind his wife and two boys, 21 and 17.

Right now we are just playing the waiting game. My youngest daughter had a hard time understanding why her Uncle just didn’t go ahead and die. For some reason I explained it to her like this and after thinking about what I had said to her I just love this thought:

“God is getting your uncle’s room ready for him up in heaven. When he has it all set-up for him he will come and get him.”

Fourth & Fourth Meme

I was tagged by Betme to do this one. Just to note my harddrive recently crashed so I will just put my 4th picture up for this one.

These are the rules:

1. Go to your pictures file.
2. Go to the 4th file.
3. Go to the 4th picture.
4. Post it and tell the story.
5. Tag 4 more people.

Galveston Bay 10-11-08

I took this picture on October 11th, our 1st outing in our boat since Hurricane Ike. This sailboat is just sitting out in the middle of the bay. The anchor is down but nobody is on it from what we could tell without actually going onto the boat. I wanted to go onto the boat but my husband said no. Party pooper!

Tag your it! If you read this your it!

Where In The World…The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado River in the United States state of Arizona. It is largely contained within the Grand Canyon National Park — one of the first national parks in the United States. President Theodore Roosevelt was a major proponent of preservation of the Grand Canyon area, and visited on numerous occasions to hunt and enjoy the scenery.

Longstanding scientific consensus has been that the canyon was created by the Colorado River over a six million year period. The canyon is 277 miles (446 km) long, ranges in width from 4 to 18 miles (6.4 to 29 km) and attains a depth of over a mile (1.83 km)(6000 feet). Nearly two billion years of the Earth’s history have been exposed as the Colorado River and its tributaries cut their channels through layer after layer of rock while the Colorado Plateau was uplifted. The canyon started from the west, then another formed from the east, and the two broke through and met as a single majestic rent in the earth some six million years ago. The merger apparently occurred where the river today, coming from the north, bends to the west, in the area known as the Kaibab Arch.

Prior to European emigration, the area was inhabited by Native Americans who built settlements within the canyon and its many caves. The Pueblo people considered the Grand Canyon (“Ongtupqa” in Hopi language) a holy site and made pilgrimages to it. The first European known to have viewed the Grand Canyon was García López de Cárdenas from Spain, who arrived in 1540. In 1869, Major John Wesley Powell, a one-armed Civil War veteran with a thirst for science and adventure, made the first recorded journey through the canyon on the Colorado River. Powell referred to the sedimentary rock units exposed in the canyon as “leaves in a great story book”.


The Grand Canyon can be found on Wikipedia.


On a personal note: I went to the Grand Canyon when I was 13. We spent 2 weeks that summer traveling by camper. The Grand Canyon was our big destination. Words can’t describe just how beautiful the Grand Canyon really is. It is a must see for everyone. 

R.I.P. Marshmallow


October 2007 – November 13, 2008
Today our pet hamster Marshmallow went on to run in the Big Hamster Wheel in the Sky. Marshmallow was a good little hamster. She never bit anyone, except for the oldest daughter who always poked at her and probably deserved to be bit. She spent most of her life running around in her little wheel. The rest of her time was spent eating and sleeping. She traveled  out of the house once to go to church this past October for the Blessing of the Animals. Marshmallow was preceded in death by Fuzzy the Hamster.
A graveside funeral will be held after school on this the 13th day of November, 2008.
In lieu of flowers please send prayers that my children will not talk my husband into buying an Iguana!


This song has been in my head since I found out that Marshmallow passed away!

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Question Of The Week

Question of the week: At what age did you or your children find out that there is no Santa Claus?

I think I was 5 or 6 when my older brother by 3 years broke the news to me. He took me into my mom and dad’s closet where they stashed all the gifts. They were all wrapped and he unwrapped them and then wrapped them back up. This became our little tradition for years!

My oldest daughter was in the 4th grade when she admitted to us that she knew there was no Santa. She never told me what age she was when she figured it out. I told her if she ever told her little sister she would really know there was no Santa because she would have no gifts! So far my youngest who is now in the 4th grade has not admitted to me that there is no Santa but my motherly instinct is telling me she knows the truth.

Oh, Crap…

After all these year I finally figured out why the Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak was so mean: He must have had kids!


This was the conversation I had with my 16 year old daughter this morning on the way to school:

Daughter: “Oh crap!”
Me: “What do you mean by Oh crap!”  (nothing good ever comes after this phrase!)
Daughter: “I forgot to tell you that I need some stuff for our FFA meeting tonight.”
Me (in my ‘what the hell do you need now’ voice): “Just tell me what you need and I will see what I can do.”
Daughter: “I have to bring 10 pies and 3 spray cans of whipped cream.”
Me (in my ‘I am so going to kill you’ voice): “You need what!”
Daughter: “We are having a pie eating contest at the meeting and I am in charge of bringing some of them.”

I so wanted to kill her this morning! But, just like the good little mother that I am, I am in the process of baking 5 apple pies and 5 cherry pies. Thank god for Sara Lee! 

Tag, I’m It…

Mrs.V tagged me not only once but twice! I will play nicely even though she double tagged me. 🙂 

Tag Number One

You are supposed to find the 6th folder in your pictures directory and post the 6th photo in it.

So here are the instructions:

1. Go to your sixth picture folder then pick your sixth picture.
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My hard drive crashed 2 weeks ago so I just went for the 6th picture in my  picture folder.

Here’s the picture:

Hairless Rat

Hairless Rat

I took this picture at the pet store because I knew when I told my kids about it they would not believe me!

Tag Number 2:


Again, the rules:

1. Link to the person or persons who tagged you.
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Six Random Things About Me:

1. I love coffee. I dink it black in the morning but in the afternoon I like to add some flavored creamer to it.

2. I used to collect dolls when I was a kid and I still have them.

3. I used to work for a Wendy’s franchise for 20 years. I managed stores for 12 years and then moved into the office and did payroll and accounts payable.

4. I like to cook. Unfortunately I like to eat what I cook as well!

5. I ride my bike for 30 minutes five days a week. (I need to get a gadget to see how far I go!)

6. I met my husband through an on-line dating service 11 years ago.


OK Tag You’re It! I hate picking people so if you want to do it go for it!

Where In The World…Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park
between Marietta and Kennesaw, Georgia
Kennesaw Mountain was originally a home to the mound builders in the years 900 to 1700 CE. Their descendants, the Creek people, were pushed out of Georgia by the Cherokee, who were then exiled by the United States and the state of Georgia on the Trail of Tears to the Oklahoma Territory during the Georgia Gold Rush.In 1832, Cobb County, where Kennesaw Mountain is located, was created.

Cannon on Kennesaw Mountain in recreated artillery position.


A view from the top of Kennesaw Mountain

Kennesaw Mountain was the site of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain during the 1864 Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War, in which the Union forces of General William Tecumseh Sherman launched a bloody frontal attack on the Confederate Army of Tennessee, which was commanded by General Joseph E. Johnston. Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, the first commissioner of Major League Baseball, was named after the battle, in which his father nearly lost his left leg.

The Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park was created on June 26, 1935. It was formerly a Civilian Conservation Corps camp. 

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park can be found on Wikipedia.

Video Of The Week

The Mom Song

Sung to the William Tell Overture, by Anita Renfroe

What a Mom says in 24 hours condensed down to 2 minutes and 55 seconds



Get up now
Get up now
Get up out of bed
Wash your face
Brush your teeth
Comb your sleepy head
Here’s your clothes
And your shoes
Hear the words I said
Get up now
Get up and make your bed
Are you hot?
Are you cold?
Are you wearing that?
Where’s your books and your lunch and your homework at?
Grab your coat and your gloves and your scarf and hat
Don’t forget you gotta feed the cat
Eat your breakfast
The experts tell us it’s the most important meal of all
Take your vitamins so you will grow up one day to be big and tall
Please remember the orthodon’tist will be seeing you at three today?
Don’t forget your piano lesson is this afternoon
So you must play
Don’t shovel
Chew slowly
But hurry
The bus is here
Be careful
Come back here
Did you wash behind your ears?
Play outside
Don’t play rough
Would you just play fair?
Be polite
Make a friend
Don’t forget to share
Work it out
Wait your turn
Never take a dare
Get along
Don’t make me come down there
Clean your room
Fold your clothes
Put your stuff away
Make your bed
Do it now
Do we have all day?
Were you born in a barn?
Would you like some hay
Can you even hear a word I say?
Answer the phone
Get Off the phone
Don’t sit so close
Turn it down
No texting at the table
No more computer time tonight
Your iPod’s my iPod if you don’t listen up
Where you going and with whom and what time do you think you’re coming home?
Saying thank you, please, excuse me
Makes you welcome everywhere you roam
You’ll appreciate my wisdom
Someday when you’re older and you’re grown
Can’t wait ’til you have a couple little children of your own
You’ll thank me for the counsel I gave you so willingly
But right now
I thank you NOT to roll your eyes at me
Close your mouth when you chew
Would appreciate
Take a bite
Maybe two
Of the stuff you hate
Use your fork
Do not you burp
Or I’ll set you straight
Eat the food I put upon your plate
Get an A, Get the door
Don’t get smart with me
Get a Grip
Get in here I’ll count to 3
Get a job
Get a life
Get a PhD
Get a dose of…
I don’t care who started it
You’re grounded until your 36
Get your story straight
And tell the truth for once for heaven’s sake
And if all your friends jumped off a cliff
Would you jump too?
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said at least a thousand times before that
You’re too old to act this way
It must be your father’s DNA
Look at me when I am talking
Stand up straight when you walk
A place for everything
And everything must be in place
Stop crying or I’ll give you something real to cry about
Brush your teeth
Wash your face
Get your PJs on
Get in bed
Get a hug
Say a prayer with Mom
Don’t forget
I love you
And tomorrow we will do this all again because a mom’s work never ends
You don’t need the reason why
I said so
I said so
I said so
I said so
I’m the Mom
The mom
The mom
The mom
The mom

Question Of The Week

Question of the week: Do you make or buy birthday cakes?


When I was growing up my mom used to make all of our birthday cakes. Her cakes looked so good! One year she made a Holly Hobbie cake for me and a train cake for my brother. Apparently this talent did not make it to me. My kids have grown up with store bought birthday cakes. Hopefully this has not traumatized them for life!

What To Do With All That Candy!


Halloween has come and gone. My youngest daughter dressed up as a Diva and my oldest daughter claimed to be a dead princess. My youngest daughter had a carnival at school and then made the rounds around the neighborhood with me and my husband and when we came home she helped hand out candy. My oldest daughter went out on her own and apparently did mostly treating since she came home with a pillowcase full of candy and she was not followed by the cops!

Now we are having to deal with the candy! They have way too much of it! I put one little candy in my youngest daughter’s lunch everyday. My oldest daughter takes a bunch to school with her each day. I try to stay out of the kitchen all day so I don’t end up eating it all. It is still there!

Yesterday I found my youngest daughter sorting her candy into 2 buckets. I figured she was once again sorting the good candy from the bad candy. Like there is such a thing as bad candy! She told me that our next door neighbor, who is the same age as her, did not get to go trick-or-treating. Being that Halloween was on a Friday night he had to go with his family to the High School Football game his older brother was playing in. She was donating half of her candy to him. But only the stuff she really didn’t want anyway! Of course!

The People In My Neighborhood

I live in a very diverse neighborhood. We have a private golf course in our subdivision, great hiking/biking trails and a great pool/clubhouse. I believe the housing pricing goes from $170,000 to the $1 Million. I live down in the $170,000 range, the low rent district if you will.

For some reason when we were out trick-or-treating Friday night I started thinking about what my neighbors do for a living.

Here are the people in my neighborhood:

  • 1 City Judge
  • 1 Professional Baseball Scout
  • 2 Teachers
  • 1 Nurse
  • 1 Federal Marshall
  • 1 Police Officer
  • 1 Hair Beautician
  • 1 Minister
  • 2 Industrial Salesmen
  • 2 New Car Dealers
  • 3 Retirees
  • 4 Stay at Home Moms and 1 Stay at Home Dad
  • 1 Lawyer