My Stupid Songs

The other morning my girls were getting ready for school and all I heard was them laughing. I went upstairs to see what was so funny at 6 am in the morning!

My 9 year old has her toothbrush ready to do it’s job, but she is laughing to hard to get it into her mouth. My 16 year old, who has tears running down her face, turns to me and says: “It’s all your fault! She is singing one of your stupid songs!”

As the girls were growing up I made up “Stupid Songs” for everything! The song in this case was my “Toothbrush Song.” It is set to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”:

Brush, brush, brush your teeth
Every single day.
Up and down
and all around
This is what they say,

I know, stupid, but hey it worked out great for getting both my girls to brush when they were 2. Now it is making them laugh!

My other famous “Stupid Song” was the “Potty Song.” This one was set to the song “Take Me To The River.”:

Take me to the potty,
Sit me on the toilet,
I gotta go pee, pee, pee,
Take me to the potty right now!

Who says music is dead! I am just glad my kids are still laughing at my “Stupid Songs!”

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  1. I used to make up funny songs too for the boys. It was fun and hey, we must have been bored or something! LOL!!! You have made very good memories for you girls. If I were closer I’d pat you on the back. You’ve done a good job.

  2. I’m taking notes about your songs. I love them and will sing them to my granddaughter at the appropriate times. Got any more? When she is old enough I will tell her who the song writer is. Maybe by then you will be famous. 😉

  3. ROFL… You could write songs for preschoolers. 😉

  4. Joy ~ Thanks for the long disyance pat on the back. Just don’t slap me please!

    Joan ~ Feel free to use my songs as you will. But in the event that your Granddaughter becomes slightly warped like myself and my kids, I take no blame! 🙂

    Mrs. V ~ I’ll leave the preschooling job up to you!

  5. I used to do that for my kids too … but I fear your songs seem “less stupid” than mine 😦

  6. My most embarrassing song… I’m glad I can’t remember it now, but it was inspired by the fact that I had a 4 month old who hadn’t had a bowel movement in over a week (doctor said to just wait it out, since she was passing gas there couldn’t be an obstruction) but it was really freaking me out. So every day at some point I would put her on my lap and sing an encouraging song, something upbeat about pooping before you explode, that kind of genre. Had my two older kids rolling on the floor in hysterics, and I like to take musical credit for the baby’s eventual evacuation…

  7. Mr Geek ~ Trust me my songs are very stupid!
    Elena ~ That is just too funny!


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