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Question of the week: What do you get your spouse/significant other for Valentine’s Day?


My husband and I are not big into celebrating Valentine’s Day. I usually get him a card and a box of chocolates and he usually buys me a card and a dozen red roses. He also buys an arrangement of flowers for both of our daughters. I buy them a box of chocolates that come with a stuffed animal.

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  1. nada…I think the man would be romantic but at this stage in my withdrawal..yeah not so much! 😦 sad but true.

  2. We don’t really “do” this holiday either. Paul’s birthday is th 12th so that’s our celebration. I just feel we’ve been married forever, everyday is Valentines Day!! You believe that and I’ve got some stocks to sell you!!!

  3. When we first met we shared the information that we both hate Valentine’s day and it feels phony to HAVE to get the other person something. We give each other spontaneous little things throughout the year.

  4. I never did much with Valentine’s Day, because I feel you should express yourself EVERYDAY! A little “something” special..everyday!

  5. Joy ~ I think I bought some of your stocks already!
    Doraz ~ Thanks for stopping in. My hubby doesn’t appreciate when I express “something special” every day. I guess I should stop expressing that I want the trash taken out! 🙂

  6. We don’t ‘do’ valentines day for each other usually, but I did sneak a card into his travel bag as he’s going out of town.

    I do a little something for the kids, though. They each got some chocolates and a new shirt. 🙂

  7. Tosha

     /  February 9, 2009

    I bought him a 300$ phone this year. He desperately n eeded it.. He wont get me anything. He never does


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