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Question of the week: Do you read the Obituaries?

The above cartoon is perfect for me! Ever since I can remember on Sundays I always read the paper. When I was a kid my mom did the same. I used to make fun of her because she always read the obituaries! Well now the tables have turned on me. Last Sunday I was reading the newspaper and my oldest daughter looked over my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry mom you’re not in there this week!” Yep, you guessed it I was reading the obituaries! I have no clue when I started but I now read the darn obituaries!

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  1. Yes, I do! Actually, hubby brought me the obits this morning as one of our clients died. 😦

  2. OMG, that is so true, I always read the obits first now. FREAKY!

  3. I do not read the paper. I pass on that stuff! Too one sided for me!

  4. I don’t read newspapers much but I do read the obits occasionally. Since I’ve been on the mainland, I usually have no idea who the people are. I do get curious as to how old they were and what they died of though.

  5. Tosha

     /  September 23, 2009

    I rarely read the obits. Only when I know someone I know has died. I don’t even read the paper though. I get all my news online

  6. Yes I do read them. That’s when I get a newspaper. But back when I lived in Mpls and did get the paper daily, always. It was a must and I’m not really sure why. When someone you know dies, you hear about it so I just don’t get it.

  7. Yep, I always read the obits too. It’s funny how we grow up and do things we thought were so silly when we were kids. I don’t however read the obits FIRST. I just read them when I get to that part of the paper and not skip it like I did when I was a kid. 🙂


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