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Bicycle Race

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  1. Great song! Ive never thought about riding my bicycle naked I wonder how it would feel? It would shock the neighbors LOL I wonder if it would be like swimming naked?

  2. This is very appropriate for you given you little accident. I’m laughing, you just can’t see me. Only you would think of this. I’d never seen it. Yes, I nudes, I’d scare anyone who saw me.

  3. I woke up a couple nights ago abut 4 am and guess what song was playing loudly in my head?

    Yep Bicycle Bicycle I want to ride my Bicycle.;+) I just got up early to start my day and nope I did not go and ride my Bicycle.

  4. S. Le

     /  April 24, 2010

    Bless me! I do love Queen!


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