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Questions of the week: Are you going to watch the Super Bowl? If so are you watching it for the football game or for the half-time show and the commercials? Who do you want to win it, the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Arizona Cardinals?

Personally I like watching football, especially the Super Bowl. Even though my team didn’t make it, I will still watch it. Better luck next year Cowgirls Cowboys!

I will be watching the half-time show for certain! We are big Springsteen fans here, so I can’t wait for him to perform. I also love watching the commercials. We usually tape/dvr the game so we don’t miss the commercials.

I will be rooting for the Cardinals this year so of course the Steelers will probably win!

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  1. Brutal honesty here from the JavaQueen. First of all, hello- I came by way of JavaJunkee! As for the SuperBowl, I’m only partaking for the snack factor. I do not understand the game, the rules, or particularly even enjoy watching. The commercials are fun and I love to eat. So, whoot! There ya have it! Your blog is great, I gotta have a look around here 🙂

  2. We defiantly watch the Superbowl. Doesn’t everyone??

    I watch for the game, though it’s usually never very good. Usually, to one sided. I will love halftime this year. Who doesn’t love the Boss??

    For rooting on? Steelers but that’s only because I have relatives in PA and Tomlin used to be one of our coaches! We used to have Dungy too! What does that tell you of our upper management????? We have assistant coaches who go on to win The Superbowl and we have losing coaches in the head coaching position?!?!?!


  3. Forgot to mention the commercials!! I really do watch for those. I was disappointed last year. None of them really “got” me.

  4. It’s a right of passage in this family! In this house we all want the Cardinals to win! They are in our division and who doesn’t love Kurt Warner? I will LOVE the half time show this year! I look forward to the commercials too, I hope they are worth their money this year!

  5. JavaQueen ~ Thanks for stopping in! I’m with you on the snack factor!

    Joy ~ The commercials were bad last year. I hope they do better this time!

    Nikki ~ My girls watch it because we do a little betting on the side. That is our family tradition!

  6. Tosha

     /  January 29, 2009

    I won’t be watching. We’ll be cleaning debris and packing this weekend just like the last few weekends. We’ve got to get this stuff done more than we need to watch the superbowl.. we havent watched much tv lately

  7. The SuperWhat?

    Only joking, I have heard of it, but being from the UK I have never watched. As for the adverts, they will all be available on line anyway.

    Out of interest, what will you be doing for the FA cup final in may? 😆

  8. Tosha ~ Keep your chin up! This will come to an end soon!

    Mr. Geek ~ The FA cup?! Hmm, let’s see it’s in May you say. I will probably be out on my boat fishing! 🙂

  9. I’m with you “on the boat in May” Just A Mom 🙂

  10. probably won’t be watching …was invited to someone’s house for it..but we really aren’t into the whole “gathering” least not for something like that. I am “planning” on deep cleaning the kitchen that day with the help of the whole family..we’ll see how that all works out@

  11. NO! Not unless by some miracle the Steelers put in Dennis Dixon (a former Oregon Duck, my alma mater.) Then I’m sure the boys will call me into the living room to watch.

    I am still mad that the Panthers lost in the playoffs.

    So I guess secretly I am going to be rooting for the Steelers just to spite the Cardinals… Dixon will still get a Superbowl ring even if he doesn’t get to play, right?

  12. Javajunkee ~ Well, have fun deep cleaning the kitchen by yourself! 🙂

    Elena ~ That’s the beauty of being back-up, you don’t get hurt but you still get the ring! 🙂

  13. We watch the Superbowl, have a “Superbowl Supper” in front of the TV. That’s appetizers and junk food, LOL. It’s a family affair, and the kids love it.

  14. Mrs V. ~ Those are the best kind of suppers!


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